Thursday, 5 January 2012

The 633 play Johnny Depp's fav Camden Bar!

This Friday we will be playing Bar Solo in Camden as part of the Flashbax Club Night. We're really excited to be playing the first event of 2012 alongside Chris Helme (The Seahorses), Mojo Revival and White Widow.

Bar Solo has played host to plenty of great acts in the past including The View, Pete Doherty, Bob Weston (Fleetwood Mac), The Moons, DJ Eddie Piller and many more... Back in September Johnny Depp was spotted at the Flashbax Club Night watching The Tricks.

It has also become a favoured venue for many Aftershow Parties including Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Glasvegas and The Rifles

Entry to the night is FREE and San Miguel & Becks are 2 for £5 all night. Make sure you get down around 8pm to catch us and the rest of the bands. Here are some videos from all the bands playing.

Facebook Event:

Chris Helme (The Seahorses)

Mojo Revival

The 633

Monday, 12 December 2011

Debut EP now available!

Well it's been a long time coming but you can finally get your hands on it! The 633's debut release 'If You Could Only See' is a 6-track EP available for digital download via the iTunes Store worldwide.

The EP will also be available in physical form (the trusty CD) from our Merch store and the band themselves at their upcoming gigs and if you want to have a sneak peek before you buy you can always take a listen on Spotify.

iTunes Store - Buy Now

Merch Store CD - Buy Now

Spotify - Listen Now

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Latest News (Fresh Off The Press)

With the imminent release of the debut EP we are super busy and have loads to talk about. This week we will be hosting the EP Launch Party at the Judge & Jury in our hometown of Colchester. Entry will be £4 before 9pm and £5 after, you may think it a little steep but with this you will receive a copy of the debut EP. We will also be playing a special extended set for all that come down, as well as brand new track 'Ten Years Dead'. Opening the night will be the hugely talented songsmith Amy Fry, with Indie dancefloor fillers provided by The 633's favourite DJ Sam Leppard.

Last week Mike & Dan from the band were interviewed for the British Forces Broadcasting Service Radio (BFBS), its a worldwide Radio station that is broadcast across all British Forces locations from Afghanistan all the way back to Colchester. You can listen to the edited interview on the BFBS Website here:
Click Here.

Next week the band will be playing The Raging Bull Xmas Special alongside, Chris Helme (ex-Seahorses) and Marner Brown. Make sure you don't miss out on this event, why not have your Xmas Party here?

Lastly we would like to thank Ben Tyler at 33dotdesign for the artwork design of the EP Sleeve. You can check out his other work by going to the 33dotdesign Website.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Listen To New Tracks

Not long now until the release of our debut EP 'If You Could Only See' and to whet your appetites we have made some teasers clips of the tracks available for you to check out.

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and click on the Music Tab at the side of the page. Don't forget to leave your feedback on our Wall and like the tracks that float your boat. We want to know what tracks we should make videos for?

In other news, we have finally decided on a location and date for the Pre-release Launch Party. It will take place on Friday 2nd December at The Judge & Jury with support provided by the brilliant Amy Fry and DJ duties have been taken up by Sam Leppard our favourite tune monger! Each person who attends will receive a copy of the EP for their aural pleasure, make sure you don't miss out.

You can let us know if you are attending by clicking on this link: The 633 - EP Launch @ The Judge & Jury

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The 633 - EP Launch

After a long and drawn out journey The 633 are now ready to release their eagerly anticipated debut record. The EP titled 'If You Could Only See' is a 6-track introduction to band and showcases a combination of rhythm, energy and songwriting craft that will get the pulses racing. The tracklisting is laid out in such a way that it exhibits the versatility of the bands music, music that could never be labelled as samey.

'If You Could Only See' will be released on Monday 12th December via iTunes Stores Worldwide, you will also be able to stream the release on Spotify. Limited physical copies of the EP will be available as a CD, you can purchase these at any of our gigs from the the Merch Table or from our online Merch Store

We have also decided to hold a pre-release launch party on Friday 2nd December at The Judge & Jury in Colchester. Colchester being our hometown felt like the appropriate place to hold the event, further details of this will be available once support bands have been confirmed. Get it in your diary now, it will be your chance to get a copy of the EP before the official release and would be great to have there.

If you haven't already liked us on Facebook please do it, as not all information is available via the blog.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

SnowSkool Promo Video 2011

Earlier in the year The 633 were approached by SnowSkool to provide a track for their 2011 Promotional Video. We had just finished recording our debut EP at Long Track Studios and sent across a few of the tracks for the SnowSkool team to review.

Shortly after, they contacted us to ask permission to use 'Looking Up & Under' for the video. They liked the prominent riff, its fast pace and the driving beat behind the song.

SnowSkool provide Ski, Snowboard and Instructor courses across the Globe, in locations such as Canada, the USA, New Zealand and France. Check their website out here:

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Debut at the Judge and Jury for Colchester 101 presents...

Colchester 101 - the town's must read monthly on all things music have continued their stalwart support of the incredible local music scene by launching 'Colchester101 presents' at brand spanking and shiney new music venue; the Judge and Jury in the heart of the cultural quarter.

However... The 633 drummer extraordinaire Mr Paul Ambrose, had a pre-arranged event earning brownie-points with his rather lovely wife, The 633 recruited Bryn Morgan to deputise. Bryn was the obvious choice, formally of Vellocetta an incredible band and raging bull favourite and now on guitar/vox duty in the eagerly anticipated Beard du Jour. Although Bryn hadn't been behind a kit for a while, he agreed to step in. First rehearsal at Pioneer, was going well. Bryn was rapidly becoming accustomed to the anarchic and surreal banter, and gave the drums a chuffing good whack; until he smashed his hand across the rim of the snare, repeatedly. Blood everywhere.  His hands also blistered from not having played drums since Vellocetta called it a day.

We all knew it was curtains for Bryn playing on the Saturday, however, he said it was a common injury, and that he would be ok for the weekend... Just give him a few days... Facebook updates later that week from fellow Beard du Jour band mate, Aaron (comedy genius) indicated that one rehearsal with the 633 had completely broke Bryn.... Ooooops, sorry Bryn. So it would be the four of us, or so we thought...

4pm Saturday (the day of the gig) Inika, Mike's better half, rings... 'Mike has had emergency root canal. He can't speak, let alone sing'... Ok. Mike, thankfully, is on the road to recovery, after a short spell in hospital. After a few rounds of tense phone calls, Dan steps up to do a set of his solo (Slowlife) material, and Mark fills lead vocal duties. Some random beer was purchased from the Aldi opposite Dan's house and the remaining few of the 633 got down to reworking the songs and the set 2 and 1/2 hours before we are expected at a brand new venue, where we'd never played for a sound check, when we have no clue what it should sound like!!! Fair to say it was a bit stressful. We agreed, early doors, that this was too good an opportunity not too play, and that as Colchester101, had not only supported the band, but also our night The Raging Bull that we weren't going to back out now. So there it was...

With trepidation, we walked from Dan's flat with the gear, to the newly refurbished Judge and Jury (formally Molly Malones) which new owner Jimmy proudly tells is a venue designed with fellow musicians in mind and modelled on the legendary LA venue, The Viper Room. Gilly cranked out the tunes, including one of my favourites of all time, The Sonics - Have love, will travel. Well the upshot of all this, nervously we gave a good account of ourselves to a warm music loving crowd and Colchester 101 firmly installs itself in to the already bulging calendar of must-see music events in the town. Then Surfquake take to the stage and smash it up in their own inimitable style, and involuntary hip-shaking and pulp fiction jiving begins. The 633 will return to the stage at the J&J, with a full compliment of players and please let's get the lasers on for that set. Get well soon Mike, without you, me and Mark have to talk to the general public and we are not good at this. Let's play to each others strengths, the good people of Colchester (or any other place for that matter) are not ready for mine and the boy wonder's 'unique' brand of psychedelic humour.